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What is a pool chiller?!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Have you ever jumped into a pool expecting it to be cool and refreshing only to discover that the water is more like tepid bath water? YUCK! That's exactly when you need a swimming pool heat pump with a built in chiller/reversing valve..

Swimming pool heat pumps are very popular for a low operational cost way to heat inground swimming pools. Many people do not know that there are several models on the market that have an option to include a reversing valve to switch the operation of the heat pump from a pool heater to a pool chiller. Many people write-off heat/cool units, thinking that their pool water won't get hot enough for one. While this can be the case in certain climates, it certainly is not the rule for South Florida. Most experts agree that a suitable water temperature for recreational swimming pools is between 78 and 86 degrees. If your pool water goes way above that during the summer months, you might want to consider trying out a pool chiller to bring it down a notch.

Aside from cooling down your pool water and making it comfortable for swimming, a swimming pool heat pump with a built in chiller can help you combat algae and save you money on pool chemicals.

With increased water circulation and cooler temperatures, algae are less likely to take hold on the surface of your inground pool. Keeping your water cooler can also help you save on chemicals because they won't wear out as quickly as they do in the heat with higher rates of evaporation. Already have a swimming pool heat pump installed that does not have the reversing valve chiller option? No worries. In many cases a reversing valve can be installed into an already existing swimming pool heat pump. An EPA certified technician can recover your refrigerant, install a reversing vale, recharge the unit and change your settings in your digital controller to operate chilling mode. For more information about installing a reversing valve give our office a call 800-714-3281.

Some models of swimming pool heat cool units
Swimming Pool Heat Pump Heat Cool Chiller

Some brands that offer built in reversing valves for heat/cool operation:

  • Jandy JE3000

  • Gulfstream HE150TA

  • Pentair UT140HC

  • Raypak R8450Ti-HC

  • AquaCal SuperQuiet 166R

  • BR135-1XW H/C

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